With 29 years in the company, Burkhard Pilz is a true Andenex veteran: department manager, shareholder and dedicated salesman. He deals in active pharmaceutical ingredients in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Oceania. “I particularly like rather complicated markets, and a speciality of mine are the francophone North and West African countries,” says Burkhard Pilz. Personal contact has existed in some cases for decades.

I believe that cherishing the business partner is essential.

Burkhard Pilz

In addition to the industry-specific aspects, there are numerous peculiarities in the individual countries or companies. The political environment, for example, but also customs and foreign exchange regulations must be constantly kept in mind and solutions must be found together with the partners in case of problems.

Burkhard Pilz much enjoys working with generics manufacturers, who produce important and proven medicines at low cost for the population.

In the pharmaceutical industry, he says, very precise work is required. Because of the high quality standards in the Maghreb countries, for example, a project there can easily take five to ten years to prepare, which is why customers only want to work with proven suppliers who have the necessary expertise and experience. “I am always pleased when this trust is placed in me”.

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