Cathrin Ahrens’ enthusiasm for her job as an export clerk is contagious: “I have to be able to create documents, talk to customs and the chamber of commerce, read analyses, certificates and safety data sheets. And all that in several languages.” It’s a complex task that has become even more demanding over the years, she says, due to ever new directives and requirements. But she really enjoys keeping track of all this clutter.

I just love doing things very precisely.

Cathrin Ahrens

After 20 years with the company, she still enjoys going to Andenex every day. You can see that in her face: “I always look forward to going to work. I look forward to my colleagues. You just know exactly how things stand round here.” She definitely feels exactly right at Andenex. Also because she believes in trade as a bridge between people. And this, Cathrin Ahrens thinks, might be more important today than ever before.

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