Maribel Restrepo never imagined that she would one day work as a department manager at Andenex while studying translation in her native country, Colombia. Yet she has always had a keen interest in pharmacy and languages; particularly German fascinated her, which is why she applied for an internship in Germany and came to Hamburg. And then everything took its course from there.

Today Maribel Restrepo is responsible for human resources development and sales of pharmaceutical raw materials to Latin America at Andenex. What brought her there:

The joy of good communication.

Maribel Restrepo

She feels very comfortable in the interface between producers and customers. Hamburg is the perfect location for this, right in between Latin America and Asia. She and her team find solutions while it is still nighttime in Latin America. Ideally, the customer wakes up in the morning with the solution in his mailbox. The clue is to understand exactly what the partners expect from Andenex, and that is the exciting challenge every day.

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