Moritz Engelhard has officially been part of Andenex since 2012. And at the same time, Andenex has always been a part of him – his father founded the company before he was born. Many years and experiences later, Moritz Engelhard decided to join the family business and help shape the generational transition. This has worked out: He has since taken over the management, and the team has expanded. He wants Andenex to be a place where reliability and curiosity are not contradictory, a place where people can contribute ideas independently, grow together and develop in the long term. Of course, the core business is trading pharmaceutical raw materials, but Andenex’s core competence has the potential to create value beyond the existing business areas:

We are a sales organization that specializes in fulfilling customer needs. Why should that not work for other industries?

Moritz Engelhard

For the future, he would therefore like to see a culture of curiosity, open exchange of ideas, and the ability to pause and take a new perspective. A challenge – but a feasible one, says Moritz Engelhard. He sees Andenex on track toward the future.

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