It’s 1995 when Tina Westermann starts at Andenex. And she actually only wants to stay for two years. “It worked out great!” she says 27 years later with a mischievous smile. Today, she is still going strong, taking care of deliveries of active pharmaceutical ingredients to South America. “I do everything from purchasing, shipping, to handling – including all paperwork.” She appreciates the variety and freedom of her tasks. Her experience as a foreign language correspondent helps her with communication. She speaks English and Spanish. Or rather: She writes. Because of the time difference, most communication takes place via e-mail.

What is traded varies from order to order, but the goal always remains the same: “The goods must arrive at the customer safely and on time – regardless of whether it’s one kilo or one ton.” After all these years, Tina Westermann thinks that things are already running very smoothly.

It’s a good thing that the world is so interconnected these days.

Tina Westermann

Tina Westermann appreciates her job’s clarity, the moment when an order is filed away. For her, that means “mission complete”. No, she doesn’t want the good old days back: digital networking makes her job easier and, despite increasing complexity, more transparent: “You can track everything now. Is the ship in Hamburg? Is it unloaded? When will it sail again? That used to be more complicated.” Will she work at Andenex for another 27 years? Probably not, says Tina Westermann with a grin: “But it will be a few more years.”

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